Thursday, July 20, 2017

Light Olive Skin - Part 1

Having light olive skin has been a challenge of mine for a while now. Most ladies with olive tones typically have darker skin, but not me! Having dark hair, dark eyes, and light skin puts me under the "deep autumn" category, but having olive skin minimizes the color options even more. Most of the cosmetic companies cater to porcelain, ivory, and dark skin colors which only really give the option of pink or yellow undertones for makeup. "Warm" makeup looks too yellow/orange and "cool" makeup looks too pink. I've opted for the no-foundation look but I still want options for eye shadow, nail polish, and lip color. 

This segment is focusing on my favorite warm shades for color and neutrals. Apply this palette to clothing, accessories, makeup, etc.

Neutrals such as champagne golds, pewter, gold, taupe, bronze, antique gold, chocolate, and warm gray

Not all warm colors are warm based, so opt for more coral shades, citrus shades, peaches, rosy pinks, strawberry red, orange reds, blood orange, and sunflower yellows.

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