Saturday, December 29, 2012

Derby Collection

Kentucky Derby Horses dress by A Bee 
New dresses and scarves in the shop!
This dress is my favorite so far. Even born and raised in Kentucky, horses have never been outstanding to me. I felt though, that it would be nice to incorporate a little history in my designs, so the Derby collection was created. Regardless of my impartial feelings towards horses, I absolutely love this print and even more so on this dress.
To be honest, the whole collection of fabrics have been my favorite so far. This print for the scarf turned out far more beautiful than imagined. 
Kentucky Run for the Roses Silk Scarf by A Bee
Kentucky Derby Horses Dress by A Bee


  1. That horse print is beyond adorbs! :)

  2. So loving that horse print, like Tori said, I love them both but that dress is just adorable!