Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Silk Scarves: 3 Ways

I have an enormous collection of silk scarves: shapes, sizes, colors, you name it! I'm always trying to find new methods of wearing these beauties other than the typical way. Here are 3 ways to restyle scarves.

Twisted Scarf Necklace
Supplies Needed: 2 silk scarves
  1. Find 2 scarves of equal size and shape. You could use 2 square or 2 rectangle, just find colors/patterns you like together. I chose the black and white floral with jewel tone geometric print for a nice contrast.
  2. For square scarves, fold each diagonally from corner to corner. If you have tags or a rough spot on either corner, put these together so they won't show in the end product. For rectangle scarves, skip this step.
  3. Starting from the corner(or an edge for rectangle scarf) you just made with the 2 loose ends, start rolling down to the fold.
  4. Keep rolling until you have a nice tube of scarf.
  5. Grab an end of each scarf and tie. Double knots are best, that way it won't fall apart during next step.
  6. Place something heavy on the ends or use your foot(like I did) and hold the ends in place and start twisting one scarf around the other.
  7. Just twist them together or fold one over the other, make sure it's loose so it won't unwind.
  8. When the scarves are all twisted around each other, you need to make a slip knot. The knot won't be like you did in step #5. Take one end of the scarf(the purple end) and fold over the other(white end). Keep the one end in place while you work the other around it. 
  9. Fold over and work up behind it to make a knot. This is making a knot around the other end, rather than tying the 2 together. 
  10. Tighten the knot and make sure it holds well. 
  11. Bring both ends together: the one you started with and the one you ended with. 
  12. Tie and double knot the ends together. I paired the same ends together and you're finished! It's easy to take apart, but strong enough to hold while wearing.

Chain Knot Necklace
Supplies Needed: 2 square silk scarves, one slightly larger than the other.

Use the same steps #1-#5 on the twisted scarf necklace.
  1. After you've tied your ends together, hold in place and pull tight.
  2. Take your longer scarf and loop around the other to make a knot that will slide down your shorter scarf.
  3. Pull down the knot until it's where you want it, keep it loose for a chain or tighten it up.
  4. Keep making chain knots or twist to finish. 
  5. Do steps #8-#12 on the twisted scarf necklace.

Twisted Scarf Bun
Supplies needed: Long hair and long rectangle/square scarf.

If you have a square scarf, follow steps #1-#5 on the twisted scarf necklace.
The longer/thicker your hair, the longer scarf you'll need to use.

  1. Tie a knot on the end of your scarf. If your scarf is super long like mine, make a figure 8.
  2. Pick up at the center to fold in half.
  3. Now you have a big loopy circle.
  4. Place the loop over your arm and grab your hair where you want your bun.
  5. Pull the loop over your hair, but don't pull all your hair through, you want to start making your bun now. So it will be messy.
  6. Make a twist in your scarf, by just turning the circle over. 
  7. Keep grabbing hair and looping the scarf over, fixing stray hairs as you go. I didn't have a mirror doing this, so I can guarantee it will be 100x better when you do.
  8. Just keep twisting and stuffing. Towards the end of the scarf, you'll want to pull it tighter to get a tight bun, but it shouldn't hurt.

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