Sunday, July 15, 2012

Spoonflower fabric review

Kona Cotton
This is a nice heavier cotton, definitely sturdier than typical cotton you can get these days. It's fairly stretchy across the bias, but hangs a little stiff. The colors print very nicely, it would be perfect for a heavier skirt or shirt.

Cotton Voile
This is the loosest weave of them all, almost gauzy. It would be nice for a lightweight scarf or sheer curtains.

Cotton Silk
This reminds me more of your typical satin. Its soft and glossy, but a little matte on the back. The color quality is nice and shiny, I'm not sure what I'd use this for. Maybe a cute clutch purse?

Linen Cotton
When I first picked this up, I instantly thought "canvas tote", it would be perfect for that. It's so tightly woven and thick, it would hold up nicely on a chair or tote.

Heavy Cotton Twill
Same opinion as linen cotton, but this has a diagonal weave like twill typically has. It would be nice as a pair of shorts or jacket.

Cotton Poplin
Just a nice, soft cotton. Pretty much multi-purpose.

Organic Cotton Sateen
My favorite of the cottons, its super soft for pajamas or summer clothing.

Silk Crepe de Chine
I love this. Nice and soft like silk. I'd love sheets, shirts, pajamas, scarves, and everything made out of this. Nice and sheer but not so much as the voile. 


  1. Hi there
    Thinking of buying some spoonflower fabric for sewing some bedsheets. Which fabric would you recommend?

    Many thanks,

  2. I would personally go with the cotton sateen. It doesn't wrinkle much, its really wide and its nice, soft, and has a high thread count. I think they'd be perfect for sheets!

  3. I use a lot of flannel for baby blankets. Would anything be comparable?

  4. cotton poplin is like flannel? I order swatches from Spoonflower and cotton poplin dont look like flannel at all.. now I'm confused? >< Help?