Friday, July 20, 2018

1970s Living Room

1970s style living room

This living room style is a 70s inspired with Japanese & 1930s colors. The Ohara Koson print is perfect in a brass frame surrounded by 2 matching oval mirrors. The oval shape is perfect match to the long rounded bucle sofa. I kept the rectangular shape and rounded edges with the coffee table, rug, and fuchsia chair. The elements of the textiles, marble table & lamp, bone tables, wood candles give a natural element to blend with the art piece.

Logan Gray bucle sofa from CB2
Brown marble side table from CB2
Wood pillar candles from CB2
Parlour Chair in Tess Fuchsia from CB2
Pouf from CB2
Brass oval mirror from CB2
Black marble table lamp from Target
Quad bone side table from CB2
Noreena Rug from Anthropologie
Geo-marquetry coffee table from Anthropologie
Ocean waves floor pillow from Society6
'Chrysanthemums and running water' print from Society 6

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Bathroom Inspiration

Bathroom #1
Inspired by melons, watergate salad, green marble, crystals, honeydew, copper, and bright tropical flowers

Bathroom #2
Inspired by volcanoes, hula girls, tropical flowers, flamingos, and summery yellow.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Little Corner

This is the first little corner of my house that is 100% complete!
I found this mint green vintage cabinet (that weighs about 200lbs) at the flea market about 4 years ago for $30. It's one of my favorite pieces of furniture that holds all of my art supplies and paintings.It's been hiding in my office and its getting the focus of the living room now.

My house style is a little bit of an eclectic mix. In every little space I like to add a little bit of 60s/70s vibes, tropical/jungalow pieces, glamour with glass/crystals/metallic, with some handmade and natural pieces.

Vintage cabinet/thrifted & repainted peace sign/hand painted vase/prayer plant in vintage basket/vintage Murano glass bowl/vintage brass side table/vintage brass tiered shelf /handmade wood art/Ted Feighan collage & handmade frames
It took about a month to figure out what kind of art would look best hanging above the cabinet. The main rooms are large and open with tall ceilings that is perfect for large artwork, and so I've taken advantage of that to do some large scale paintings. This wall however, is just a tiny little wall dividing the kitchen and living room by the master bedroom door, so it needed something special.

I like the idea of having an art museum for a house, but variety is key to keeping balance. On the side wall, is Ted Feighan's original collages that are showcased in frames I made from rough pine lumber. I wanted these to be the focus and not have another painting take away from them. They added a little bit of raw/natural feeling to the tropical themed artwork.

 Aren't they the best? 
 So in my search for something to not compete with these beauties, I decided to channel the 70s(as usual) and make something subtle with texture. He used photographs from 1970s books to create these collages, so something inspired by that era was the best match.

I had the idea to do something abstract and wavy for a room divider or on doors to a dresser, but decided to do this for a little art piece.

I took some luan/thin plywood from Home Depot and used this handy dandy little jigsaw to cut out some squiggly shapes. After the shapes were cut out, I figured out the pattern that would look best and glued them to another square piece. Once dry, then I painted the entire piece with several coats of un-tinted white paint. The white is just a tiny little bit of contrast on the marshmallow colored walls.
This would look great in any color of paint or wood stain. This was super simple and will probably be covering everything in the house with this! 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Dining Room

Marshmallow walls, walnut floor, natural/ivory jute rug (Amazon), vintage brass table, handmade black chairs, blush curtains, white mid-century sideboard, globe pendant light, black/white printed pillows, fruit painting

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Domestic Violence Awareness

I am taking this Valentine's Day to talk about something important. To raise awareness for Domestic Violence.
Not all domestic violence/abuse is equal. It can take many forms and severity, yet it should never be taken lightly. It is not a competition on who is stronger and who can withstand the most pain. Abuse hides behind closed doors and fake smiles and sometimes you never know what someone is dealing with on the inside. It's not easy to get away from or leave, some people even risk their lives and may die trying to get away. Its hard to talk about, its hard to relive it, especially when you're afraid that no one will believe you or take you seriously. With it comes the dangerous threats, sleepless nights, depression, isolation, and being afraid for your life. Both men & women may be victim of domestic violence and both men and women can be abusers. In my short life, I have been victim of it twice by two different people. The first time they get away and you say to yourself "i'll never let this happen again", and then you fall into it again. It doesn't get easier, but you do get braver. Twice I have felt like I was losing my life, and twice I have had to crawl my way back.
You're never alone, there's always another option than to live your life terrified. Taking back your life is just as terrifying and it takes every ounce of strength to get through. Going day to day being miserable, constantly being in survival mode, to giving in, calling the cops, facing the possibility of losing everything, having to change your life, getting away, going to court, telling all your family and friends, going to counseling, and dealing with the PTSD of the pain and suffering another human has brought on to you. Its not something anyone should ever have to deal with. But we do. Millions of people do everyday. And its something that you think about constantly.
So to help spread Domestic Violence Awareness, I am opening up to my fellow survivors. I have created these 14 illustrations to encourage others to speak up and to show them that there is happiness on the other side. The sun will shine again, the flowers will bloom, and you can escape from hell and take your life back.
If you'd like to purchase one of these art pieces, you can do so here. As of now, there are only 14 in circulation, but I may make more.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Fashion Challenge: Camouflage

Images found on Pinterest 

This is the first in my series of "Fashion Challenges" where I take items that I wouldn't normally wear and are a bit different and style them in a way that can be versatile. Camouflage was the first to come to mind when thinking of a challenging item of clothing to style. A few years ago, my friend was planning her wedding and wanted a classy style but with the use of camouflage. What? To me, that was a complete oxymoron. Camouflage in these parts is worn exclusively by hunters, "rednecks", and country people who don't actually hunt. It's considered tacky and not a legitimate pattern to wear in fashion. 

I remember back in high school having a pair of slip on flats that were a bit camo-like and I was able to pair them with several things. There was a point in time where I went through an olive green phase and so I'm channeling that into this post. While decorating my friend's wedding, I decided to mix and match bronze, copper, and gold metallic with shades of rust, pumpkin, and cream. It turned out to be a classy affair even with the use of hunter's camo. 

Below are some outfits styled using camouflage but in a more stylistic way. Mix and match it with other prints like leopard, polka-dots, floral, and stripes. Think of it as a neutral and pair it with warm shades of yellows, pinks, and oranges. My favorite pairing is the olive green with either a hot pink or a bright violet purple. Feel free to experiment and add your own twist.